‘Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald’ Spoiler Review

I personally really liked ‘The Crimes Of Grindelwald’ even if Grindelwald didn’t commit that many crimes after escaping from prison in the beginning.

I feel a better idea for a movie name would be the motives of grindelwald, but that just doesn’t seem as interesting. I think that it had a great backstory for Leta Lestrange who we have wondered about since the first movie came out. This is where the spoilers where start so if you haven’t watched the movie or read the screenplay (Which has a really cool looking cover)

please don’t read on.

Leta Lestrange is a really important character in this movie because of the Predictions of Tycho Dododnos which says:

“A son Cruelly Banished

Despair of the Daughter

Return Great Avenger

With Wings From The Water”

Now the Daughter is Leta Lestrange, the Great Avenger is Yusuf Kama and everyone believes that the son cruelly banished is corvus lestrange, Leta’s brother. The thing is that Leta knows that Corvus Lestrange was killed in a sinking ship after she, wanting to be rid of him for just a minute, swapped Corvus for a child in another cabin, right after which the ship began sinking. The child who she swaped corvus for was none other than credence. Then the ship begins to sink and while Leta and credence are able to get into a lifeboat Corvus falls into the water and drowns, filling Leta with Guilt for the rest of her life. This it probably one of the best backstories for a character that I have ever heard.

Next let’s move on to Credence who is trying to find his identity, aided by Nagini and, at the end, he revealed to us by Grindelwald, as Aurelius Dumbledore. Whether or not he is lying we don’t yet know.

I feel like for all the advertising for Nagini was over done with the amount of importance she actually is. A better person to advertise a bit more would have been Yusuf Kama, though I understand that the idea of a woman being the snake Nagini 50 something years before she should have been born amazed people.

Now to our main heros. Newt was just as newtish as it is possible for him to be. He was ignorant to society wouldn’t take sides (until the end) and loved his beasts. We found out a bit of his history such as that Dumbledore being defense against the dark arts teacher (my least favorite part of the movie) Is teaching them about boggarts and newts turns into a desk, revealing that he is most afraid of having to waste his life behind a desk, which seems to fit his character perfectly.

Tina’s basic role in the movie is just getting Newt to paris and to all of the conflicts by going to the conflicts, leaving Newt chasing after her. Throughout the movie she is trying to help Credence find his identity. I was personally slightly unsatisfied at the role she played.

Jacob was one of the funniest characters in this movie, just like the first. I guess that’s to be expected when you consider that his character is literally a full grown muggle who is learning about the wizarding world.

Now in this movie if you talking about Jacob I think that you also have to talk about Nicholas Flamel. NIcholas Flamel kind of serves as Jacobs magical protection. Throughout all of the conflict ever since Jacob Newt and Tina went to Flamel’s house he sticks with Jacob.

Next to Dumbledore. I think that Dumbledore’s role in the movie was very small which was kind of disappointing to me. He just sends Newt on a journey in the beginning and meets Newt at the end. His absence throughout the movie is explained at the end with a blood pact. Dumbledore thinks that he might be able to destroy it so we might see more of him in the next movie.

Saving the best for last let’s talk about Queenie. Queenie at the beginning magicly enslaves Jacob into coming to paris and getting married to her with what looks like the imperius curse to me. Newt takes of the curse, Jacob and Queenie have an argument in which Jacob is angry at Queenie for magicly enslaving him, and the end result is Queenie apparating off. She goes to the french ministry to find Tina. She finds that the Aurors don’t have record of Tina being there and finds herself lost and alone when she meets one of grindelwalds fanatics, who invite her for tea. After tea Grindelwald comes out and in one sentence convinces her to work for him. He tells her that under his new order she will be free to be married to Jacob.

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Overall I liked the movie. It had a good plot, though I felt it could have had a bit more action, as most of the movie was dedicated to finding out the mystery behind Credences past.

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