‘Spiderman Far From Home’ Spoiler Free Review

Spiderman is one of the most iconic and most loved superheroes in the whole world. With that in mind, and the fact that spidey’s new movie comes out right after endgame, with its trailer teasing us with the idea of Spiderman being the new Ironman, it should be no surprise that in a little under a week it has brought in $185 million in the United States alone.

Now personally I thought Spiderman Far From Home was pretty good. Marvel MCU movies have always been good about looking at the humanity aspect of their heroes, as well as the superhero aspect, which sets the MCU apart from other superhero movies, who only look at the hero aspect, and Far From Home, is an example of balancing superhero, with humanity very well. Another thing that Spiderman and the MCU is known for which they had a lot of in this movie, was humor. There would be a funny moment almost every ten minutes in the movie, just as you would hope for in a spiderman movie. The movie did a really good job of immersing the viewer into it, and the visual effects, sound effects, story, and acting were all pretty good.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes superhero, action, sci or fantasy movies. I would also recommend this movie to moderate MCU fans, who watch the bigger MCU movies like the Avengers, but not the smaller individual hero movies.

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